“Top 5 Ways Writers Screw Up Their Characters.”

This morning my sister shared this article with me called, “Top 5 Ways Writers Screw Up Their Characters.”

While reading it I realized that the very first novel I wrote did all of the top 5 but my latest novels haven’t done any of them! It’s always nice to see how I’ve improved.

I recommend reading this article. I’ll be adding it to my Resources for Writers page.

Once Upon A Time…

Once Upon A Time…

By Orion Ryder

Once upon a time, there was a man who began pondering the meaning of life.

He asked his mother. He asked his brother. He asked the gold-fish in his pond; however he forgot to ask his father.

The man had no sister. No wife. No Saturday Night Live or Jimmy Kimmel.

He felt as though he lived each day in a boring shell. Those around him called the shells, “Bodies.”

Some bodies were small. Some large. Some very large. Some very, very small. Some tall. Some short. Some dead.

The man never learned the meaning of life.